Home Care Is Personal

If your loved one needs home care, call COHME at (877) 212-4222 for personalized, devoted support. A COHME staff member will answer you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After regular business hours, a nurse is always available to speak with you. COHME’s dedicated home health aides provide home care with the highest standards to New York City’s five boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island.

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Home Care with a Perfect Fit

At COHME, we know all of our elderly clients personally: as people with richly accomplished lives who crave independence—even while they need to adjust to higher levels of home care. As a non-profit dedicated to a people-focused mission, we treat our clients with care, customization, and a deeply human touch.

Whether they’re suffering from Alzheimer’s, another cognitive issue, a physical disability, or something else, we try to match your loved ones to the right certified home health aide, one whose skills and personality will mesh well with your loved one and enhance their life. We’ll also send out a registered nurse and social worker—a level of service you won’t see at most other agencies. Our singular objective is to enhance life even as independence lessens.

Free Evaluation

COHME designs a client’s Plan of Care based on each individual’s needs and provides FREE home and hospital assessments from Registered Nurses and Licensed Social Workers.

Reach out to people who care. Get in touch with COHME >

Long-Term Care

Caring for those with long-term cognitive issues requires patience, attention, and constant alertness. COHME has extensive experience in managing Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementia disorders. It is just these types of challenging conditions that require our unique combination of professional, comprehensive case management services. Read about our long-term care options >

Short-Term Care

Injuries, surgeries, pain, and other physical limitations can be surprisingly disabling. COHME’s capable Home Health Aides assist you or your loved one with physical limitations—however temporary. Read about our short-term care options >

Our Nurses

Our nursing staff provide for a home evaluation and client intake. Forging an ideal match between client and aide is a crucial part of what they do. Our registered nurse offers a critical medical perspective on each and every case. Read about our nurses >

Our Social Workers

COHME proudly honors our founding mission with one of our more unique services: an in-house social worker who oversees every case. Read about our social workers >

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