Social services for aides

Most home care agencies undergo high attrition—an average of up to 65% each year.

At COHME, we retain 85% of our health aides from year to year.

This number supports the basis of our philosophy and founding mission: that happier, supported aides provide superior and sustainable care.

social services for aides, COHME aide support

We get to know our aides personally—not just as our workers but as our clients, too. We understand that a more stable, satisfied, and dedicated staff leads to even better care for our clients. A social-work career specialist on staff is an advocate for COHME’s caregivers. She helps the aides with practical problems and needs, as well as serving as a resource for furthering their education and career advancement.

We’ll try to accommodate your logistical challenges and support your overall success. This might include reworking a schedule, or giving you the day off, as needed. We encourage you to seek programs and services that enhance work and life, or provide more education and training.

Driven by our strong social mission, we support comfort and flexibility—not a bottom line. Get in touch with COHME and explore how we care for our care givers >

Become an Aide

COHME has a remarkably high retention rate, 85%, for our aides. That’s because our aides are at the heart of our mission. We are fully committed to accommodating your logistical challenges, understanding your background and personality, and helping you grow as a person and an aide.

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