Memorial for Carol Kamine-Brown

COHME, Inc. honors the memory of our Director Emeritis Carol Kamine-Brown who was able to further build on  the vision of our founder Lucy Rosengarten to ensure that COHME and the clients and home health aides can flourish and thrive. As Executive Manager for COHME for over 14 years , Carol brought her social work skills and business sense to her role and helped to ensure COHME’s success . Carol had extensive experience with the elderly and cognitively impaired population within the homecare as well as the hospital setting and brought a wealth of skills and caring to the agency.  As we continue to provide rewarding opportunities to the home health aides, a scholarship in Carol Kamine-Brown’s name has been set-up by COHME’s Board of Directors to provide our home health aides with financial assistance towards completing  degrees in nursing school, training for being a  Certified Nursing Aide, and  support towards traveling expenses.

Carol was a dedicated and caring person who to the end was very focused on COHME’s mission of providing home care with the highest  standards. She tirelessly promoted the provision of excellent home care to the frail and elderly in New York City, while providing excellent jobs for our employees.

To conclude I leave you with something Carol would tell me from time to time… “You can always give the love, the care, and the support that you may not have received and you will always be better in the end because life is full of adventure.” And she encouraged the staff to embrace it.

If you would like to donate to COHME and to the Carol Kamine Brown scholarship please see the donation link posted on the website.

Nicole Mazyck-Sellers