How to Prepare for Home Care

Image source from Pexels
Image source from Pexels

Home Care can be a life changing experience, especially for a loved one who is determined to remain as independent as possible. Proper preparation for Home Care ensures that your loved one’s needs are met. We’ve created a few tips to help you through this transition:

  1. Involve your Loved One. Resistance to Homecare is common, so be sure to involve your loved one in every step of the decision-making process. This shows them how much their opinion matters. Approach the topic with patience and understanding and let them know they would still have their freedom with a caregiver around.
  2. Find a Home Care Provider. Learn about the different types of homecare plans and payment options. As an example, many caregivers don’t realize Medicare won’t pay for long-term care in a nursing home and the average cost is $75,000 per year.
  3. Be Open with the Caregiver. Talk to the agency about what you’ve been doing and take the opportunity to talk about any difficulties you’ve had. You also shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions whenever you need to.
  4. Seek Out Expert Advice. The assistance of a social worker, geriatric care manager, financial advisor or elder law attorney can go a long way in guiding you through the legal, financial and emotional challenges of caregiving.